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If you do not have a competitive advantage you cannot compete. It is true. But we find it. We define the strategy, the tactics, we study the market, its organization, the consumer, we make him loyal.

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Be the best you can be


We offer business solutions in the areas of ​​Market Research, Marketing Consulting in Professional Trainings and Customer Loyalty and Experience. Our solutions are built ad-hoc so they have a clear differentiation from other offerings you could find, and always done based on continuous challenge, innovation and professional integrity.


Ad Astra
Reach the stars. Constantly exceed the expectations of stakeholders

Professional Integrity
In each of the processes of our company.

We study the market, the consumer, and offer the best solution according to the latest theoretical-practical trends in the hand of innovation, whether disruptive or sustainable


Juan Ignacio Genovese is the President of GENOVESE CONSULTING. He is certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in strategy, innovation and systems. He holds a Master in Business Administration (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Madrid / Universidad Americana) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with Honors (Universidad del Norte). He is also certified by SAIMO (Sociedad Argentina de Investigación de Mercado) in Moderation / Qualitative Analysis, certified in Mathematics and Social Statistics by FLACSO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences) and Technical in Group Communication by the School of Social Psychology (LaPlata / Argentina) Based on the works of Pichón-Riviére.

He has a vast experience in Business Management in the Marketing area, working as Marketing Manager at AUTOMAQ SAECA and HEISECKE and CIA SACI building brands such as John Deere, Citroën, Peugeot, Michelin, Komatsu, Bomag, Glaxo SmithKline, Haymann. He has also worked as Local Sales Representative for Pearson Education and its imprints Longman, Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman.

LIBRO-TENDENCIAS-JUAN-IGNACIO-GENOVESE2He is the Director of the Latin American Strategy Society (SLADE) Paraguayan Chapter, Representative in Paraguay of the Ibero-American Society of CRM (SIACRM) and Professor in the Master in Business Administration, Graduate in Business Administration and Diploma in Commercial Management at EDAN Business School.

His is the author of “Marketing Trends“ (Tendencias de Marketing) book published in 2014 writing about 15 trends that will shape the future of Marketing.




+ Meeting with C-Suite and Managers in order to work on a Situation Analysis
+ Make a Brief and Debrief based on the gather of relevant information
+ Two full-time working days where we design the Marketing Plan for the company


+ Two-hour meetings with the management levels
+ Strategic models
+ Positioning
+ Marketing actions development
+ Problem Solving sessions.

Market Research


+ Product Category Image
+ Product Category Selection Criteria
+ Brand Selection Criteria
+ Brands Likes and Dislikes
+ Advertising Recall
+ Brand Character


+ Buying Habits
+ Frequency of Purchase, Costumer Rols, Points of Purchase
+ Use and Consumption Habits
+ Using Occasion and Types of
+ Consumer motivations
+ Consumer Insights


+ Product Outstanding Level
+ Likes & Dislikes
+ Relevance and interest for the product
+ Product Attributes
+ Differentiation
+ Occasions of consumption
+ Testing with samples and/or prototype


+ Category and Brand Advertising Recall
+ Consumer Media Usage
+ TV Spots Evaluation
+ Message Decoding
+ Unveiling Consumers’ Insights


+ Actors present in your market
+ Market Share & Value Share
+ Evolution in Product Values and Units
+ Opportunity and Threats
+ New Competitors Detection
+ Price Survey


+ General Satisfaction Index
+ Evaluation of Key Satisfaction Criteria
+ Measurement of service attributes
+ Attempt to change our services
+ Loyalty Performance Matrices





+ Strategic Planning
+ Situation Analysis
+ PEST Analysis
+ Establishment and Objectives Analysis
+ Intensive and Integration Strategies
+ Positioning Strategy and Value Proposition
+ The Delta Strategic Model
+ Strategy Segmentation
+ Gantt Diagram and Marketing Budget
+ Duration: 16 hours


+ The 15 Trends that shape todays and future Marketing
+ Content Marketing | Visual Social Media | Digital Marketing
+ Brand Equity | Brand Awareness | Brand Engagement and its techniques | The Smashable Concept | Lovemarks
+ New Market Segments | Defining the Buyer Persona | Socioeconomics
+ Market Research Techniques | Consumer Analysis and Market Research Based Actions
+ Drivers that value the consumer | Consumer Insights Detection | Case Study
+ Shopper Marketing| Merchandising | Big Data | Crowdsourcing and Marketing
+ Duration: 8 hours


+ The 5 steps of the Customer Experience Management framework
+ Analysis of the Customer Experiential World
+ Construction of the Experiences Platform
+ Designing the Brand Experience
+ Structure of the Client Interface
+ Continuous innovation
+ Delivery of a seamless integration of the customer experience
+ Creation of an experience model for your company
+ Duration: 4 hours


+ The current needs for a differentiated selling
+ Anthropological consumer needs
+ The irrationality of the consumer (Theories D.Ariely + M.Lindström)
+ The rational alibis of Dr. Clotaire Rapaille
+ Creation of experiences through
+ Storytelling for success
+ Construction of a NeruoSales speech
+ Case studies applied to your business
+ Duration: 4 hours


+ CRM Applications
+ Customer LifeTime Value & Customer Value Matrix
+ Creating memorable experiences
+ Strategy and tactics of loyalty programs and Up/Cross Selling
+ Client selection (Pareto + Clustering)
+ Analytics models and Direct Marketing (Mailchimp Case)
+ Loyalty Diagnosis Map
+ Introduction to Data Mining and Big Data
+ Practical cases applied to your business
+ Duration: 4 hours


+ Business Model Canvas | Business Patterns
+ Value Proposition Design
+ Design Thinking Application (based on IDEO)
+ The 4 box Model
+ Disruptive Innovation
+ Innovation through Scouting Methods
+ Von Hippel’s Innovation Methods
+ Practices by creating business Models
+ Duration: 8 hours


Marketing Summit aims to be the best experience for Marketing Professionals and Business Leaders. For those looking for new ideas, Marketing Trends, benchmarking our own actions with leaders in marketing, leaving aside obsolete practices and contribute to improve the Marketing discipline in Paraguay. Visit us at

Loyalty programs

It is known it costs 6 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one and that companies lose an average of 15% of customers each year; for this reason we can affirm that it is essential to count on a customer loyalty program.

We can work with programs aimed at different targets, whether it is an end consumer, pharmacy clerks, retailers, brand evangelists or others.

For that purpose we create the best mechanics for your specific case, working with currencies for the program, being these benefits, privileges, points/prizes. In some cases we use loyalty cards in printed form and depending on the case, the implementation of specialized software.


AHA Sector Salud
Amanecer Sector Pinturas
Andani (Boppy) Sector Indumentaria infantil
Asismed Sector Servicio Médico
Asismed Drugstore Sector Farmacéutico
Automaq (John Deere|Michelin|Peugeot | Citroën) Sector Automotriz
Automotor (Isuzu) Sector Automotriz
Binggrae Sector Helados
Casa Grütter Sector Retail|Supermercados
Casa Yasy Sector Retail|Supermercados
Casadio Sector Consultoría
Codipro Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Codisa Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Doña Angela Sector Lácteos
Dresspa Sector Lavandería
Edesa Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
El Agricultor Sector Yerba Mate
Ersa Sector Alimenticio
Farmacity Sector Farmacéutico
Fármaco Uruguayo Sector Farmacéutico
Federal Sector Pastas Secas
FisioShop Sector Salud
Fremar (Brinox|Coza) Sector Distribución|Artículos para el Hogar
Frigorífico Guaraní Sector Embutidos
Frutika Sector Jugos|Tomatados
Fundación Sarakí Sector Fundación
GodsPan Sector Confitería
Havanna Sector Confitería
Heisecke Sector Farmacéutico
Hotel Villa Morra Suites Sector Hospitalidad
ICDE Sector Educativo
Inca ICSA Sector Domisanitario
Insuquim Sector Farmacéutico
Inventiva Sector Informática
Javier Barbero Sector Consultoría
L’Oreal Sector Cosmética
LSK Consultoría
Luminotecnia (Condel) Sector Salud
L’uomo Sector Indumentaria
Manpizzo (Sony) Sector Salud
Monserrat Sector Salud
Montecarlo Sector Tabacalero
Nexo Paraguay (Calesita|Copag|Alklin|Martinazzo|Plasvale) Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Next Sector Consultoría
NutriHuevos Sector Avícola
One Sector Gastronomía
Pearson Sector Educativo
Rieder y CIA (Renault|Volvo|Geely|Valtra) Sector Automotriz
Roemmers Sector Farmacéutico
Rondina Sector Indumentaria Femenina
Santa Clara Sector Hospitalario
Santa Margarita (Yerba Mate Kurupí | Té Guaraní) Sector Herboristería y Yerba Mate
Seltz Sector Agua
Shopping Multiplaza Sector Centros Comerciales
Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz Sector Educativo
Tecnoservice Sector Climatización
Territorio Nuestro (Kirkland) Sector Alimenticio
TigoSports Sector Telecomunicaciones
Unibe Sector Educativo
Unilever Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Universidad Nacional de Asunción Sector Educativo
Valtria Sector Bioseguridad y Tecnología
Vertex (Jet|Recreo|Revigal|Virginia) Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Victoria M Ortiz Sector Indumentaria Femenina
Z-Carne Sector Frigorífico
3M Sector Industrial
Abbott Sector Farmacéutico
ACE (Land Rover) Sector Automotriz
Aconcagua Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Activamente Sector Publicitario
ADN Latam Sector Market Research
Agrofield Sector Agroveterinario
Alberdin Sector Gastronomía
Alianza Comercial Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Aquí Pago Sector Servicios Financieros
Asismed Drugstores Sector Farmacéutico
Automotor (Isuzu|Hyundai) Sector Automotriz
BBVA Sector Servicios Financieros
Bellcos (L’Oreal) Sector Cosmética
Cámara Paraguaya de Supermercados Sector Retail|Supermercados
Casa Grütter Sector Retail|Supermercados
Casa Modiga Sector Retailing
Casa Yasy Sector Retail|Supermercados
Cencar (Hayma|Ssang Yong) Sector Automotriz
Censu (Suzuki) Sector Automotriz
Cibersons Sector Informática
Ciclovía Sector Deportivo
CJX Sector Juguetería
Codisa Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Colinas Verdes Sector Inmobiliario
ColorCom Sector Cosmética Capilar
Cominco Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Comtel Sector Telecomunicaciones
Condor (Mercedes Benz) Sector Automotriz
Copaco Sector Telefonía
Creadores Sector Agencia Digital
De la Sobera (Chevrolet) Sector Automotriz
Delagran Sector Consultoría
Distribuidora Gloria Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Drelichman Sector Abogados
Ebiz Sector Agencia Digital
Edesa Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
El Imperio (Lindt | Guylian) Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Electrofácil Sector Electrodomésticos
Enerbike Sector Deportivo
Ersa Sector Alimenticio
Espacios de Ser Sector Educativo
Estudio Jariton Sector Inmobiliario
Farmacenter Sector Farmacéutico
Farmacia Catedral Sector Farmacéutico
Fernandito Multitiendas Sector Retailing
Fortín Sector Bebidas Alcohólicas
Freddo Sector Confitería
Fremar (Brinox|Coza) Sector Distribución|Artículos para el Hogar
Frigorífico Guaraní Sector Embutidos
Frutika Sector Alimenticio
Frutos de los Andes Sector Vinivitícola
Fundación En Alianza Sector Editorial
Fundación Sarakí Sector ONG
Galeno Sector Farmacéutico
Guata Porá (CAT) Sector Indumentaria
Havanna Sector Confitería
Heisecke Sector Farmacéutico
Hotel Villa Morra Suites Sector Hospitalidad
HR Comercial Sector Electrodomésticos
IDT Sector Tecnología
Inca ICSA Sector Domisanitario
Indega Sector Consumo Masivo
Inverfin Sector Electrodomésticos
Irene Industrial Sector Industrial Cerámicas
Iris Sector Insecticidas
Jobs Sector Consultoría
Kemsa (Puma) Sector Indumentaria
Kimberly Clark Sector Higiene
L’Oreal Sector Cosmética
La Caoba Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
La Yuteña Sector Electrodomésticos
London Tie Sector Indumentaria
Mascotas Sector Veterinaria
Montana Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Mr Dog Sector Veterinaria
Multiplaza Sector Centros Comerciales
MyM Odontoclínica Sector Salud
Nasta Sector Publicitario
Natura Spa Sector Personal Care
Nestlé Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Nexo Paraguay Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
NGO Sector Electrodomésticos
Nissei Sector Electrónica
Nueva Americana Sector Retail|Hogar
NutriHuevos Sector Avícola
Optima (New Balance) Sector Indumentaria
Paraguay Funds Sector Servicios Financieros
Pearson Sector Educativo
Personal Sector Telefonía
Profarco (Procter & Gamble) Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Protek Sector Monitoreo Alarmas
Ramirez Díaz de Espada Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Rimec S.A. (Vizzano|Moleca|Modare) Sector Indumentaria Femenina
Roemmers Sector Farmacéutico
Salemma Sector Retailing
Sanatorio Metropolitano Sector Salud
Secretaría Nacional de Cultura Sector Gubernamental
Seltz Sector Agua
Servicios Digitales Sector Tecnología
Shopping Villa Morra Sector Centros Comerciales
Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz Sector Educativo
Sudameris Sector Servicios Financieros
Supermercado España Sector Retail|Supermercados
Tapé Ruvichá (Ford) Sector Automotriz
Target Sector Agrícola
Tecnoservice Sector Climatización
Tigo Sector Telefonía
Tigre Sector Sanitarios
Tilería Sector Informática
Toyotoshi Sector Automotriz
Unilever Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Upisa Sector Alimenticio
Vascol Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Vertex Sector Distribución|Consumo Masivo
Victoria M. Ortiz Sector Indumentaria
Visión Banco Sector Servicios Financieros
Vox Sector Telefonía



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